Bird Details
Eastern Bluebird
Color: Blue, Orange
Size: 7"
Season: Year-round
Description: Male has a bright blue head, back and tail with a rusty brown throat and breast. Females have a less vibrant blue on the head, back and tail and have a buffier brown throat and breast than the male.
Voice: Soft, slurred whistles like cheer cheerful charmer. Call is a soft chatter.
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Habitat: Open habitat in rural and suburban areas. Often seen perched on power lines in farmland areas.
Interesting Fact: During the nesting season, males and females are extremely territorial. They have been known to peck at their own reflections in windows, thinking them intruders.
Scientific name: Sialia sialis
Order: Passeriformes
Family: Turdidae

Clint Sowards

Ryan Brady

Howard Eskin

Male at a nest box
Ben Meadors

Nest and eggs
Clint Sowards
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