Bird Details
Blue Grosbeak
Color: Blue, Brown
Size: 6.75"
Season: Summer
Description: Male is deep blue with chestnut wingbars. Female is brown with buffy wingbars and a hint of blue on the shoulder. Note the large bill.
Voice: Song is a husky, musical warble, like a deep-voiced House Finch.
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Habitat: Shrubby areas such as overgrown pastures and fields, aging clearcuts, powerline rights-of-way, streamsides, and forest edges.
Interesting Fact: The Blue Grosbeak is more common in the highlands of the Gulf Coastal Plain than the in lowlands of the Delta or Arkansas River Valley.
Scientific name: Passerina caerulea
Order: Passeriformes
Family: Cardinalidae

Adult male
Robert Herron

Adult female
Gene and Tina Blackwell

Immature male
Howard Eskin
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