Bird Details
Color: Brown, Yellow
Size: 6.25"
Season: Summer
Description: Male has a black bib bordered by a white chin above and a yellow breast below. Female lacks the bib. Both sexes have a yellow eyebrow and chestnut shoulders.
Voice: Named for its song dick-dick-dick, siss-siss-sel.
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Habitat: Grasslands with tall, dense vegetation including prairies, hayfields, old fields, lightly grazed pastures, and fallow parts of agricultural fields.
Interesting Fact: Before migrating out of the state for the winter, Dickcissels gather in large flocks of tens to hundreds of individuals. On rare occasion an individual will spend the winter in Arkansas, often in the company of House Sparrows.
Scientific name: Spiza americana
Order: Passeriformes
Family: Cardinalidae

Charles Mills

Nick Anich

Nest and eggs
Dan Scheiman
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